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Automobile cosmetics of the "Automobil" series includes new products by our company that are created with account of modern trends in the industry of automobile repairs. The products of the "Automobil" series are your indispensable helpers in any road situations. "Automobil" will help keep your car in running condition and in the perfect state.
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    Liquid key unisma-1

    An indispensable agent for the unscrewing of rusty threaded joints that helps remove rust, stops and prevents the process of corrosion. This agent will facilitate the starting of a dampened motor, protect electric equipment elements against oxidation, grease the rubbing surfaces.

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    Motor сleaner

    This cleaner will effectively clean oily impurities and asphalt stains off the motor, body and other surfaces of your car! The cleaner has a high penetrating and cleaning ability and provides reliable protection against corrosion. You will be glad with the result!

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    Silicone Grease

    The grease is a reliable helper in household use and in car care. It is indispensable in the greasing of rubbing and revolving elements, for the keeping of elasticity and the extending of the service life of rubber seals, as well as for the protection of your automobile against moisture and corrosion.

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    Carburetor and Throttle Cleaner

    The cleaner will make it possible to reach the most inaccessible places and to quickly and effectively clean the carburetor without disassembling it. "AUTO mobil" will easily reach all the corners of a carburetor assembly and thoroughly remove all sorts of impurities off its elements.

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    Tire Blackener

    The "AUTO MOBILE" tire blackener is an excellent helper not only in the renewal of color and shine of secondhand tires, but also in the extension of their service life, since this preparation prevents the process of aging and cracking. The agent is applied onto the side surface of clean tires at a distance of 15-20 cm and does not require smearing.

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