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We use a unique logistical system that has proved itself to be effective over many years. This means that products can be delivered to any point in Russia and the former Soviet Union with maximum speed.

The Smell of Nature

Environmental friendliness, sustainability and efficiency are basic values of our company. We pay special attention to the quality of our products, which is why only modern components are used during manufacturing.

Innovative Technologies

Many years of practical experience in the production of household aerosols and the innovative technologies that we use allow us to continuously improve our products.

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About the Company

Sibiar is one of the largest manufacturers of household aerosol products, mass-market perfume and cosmetics in Russia. The company has been manufacturing high quality products that are always in demand and have gained the trust of consumers over 40 years.

The company's products are available in all Russian cities and the majority of CIS countries.

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We make hair styling products, deodorants, antistatic agents, air fresheners, household polishes, cleaning products for various surfaces, insecticides, insect repellents, car care products, and refills for gas lighters and other portable gas appliances.

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The value of reviews from our customers and partners cannot be measured in money and material things. We prize recognition of our achievements and the results of cooperation. When working together with our partners, we provide each other with support and a person to rely on. That is important for us, which is demonstrated by our actions in difficult situations.



Do-Re-Mi Air Fresheners
are available with the unique fragrances of herbs, flowers, berries, fruits and the sea. These long-lasting aromas preserve an atmosphere of freshness, cleanliness and comfort.

The specially selected ingredients let you easily eliminate unpleasant odours and maintain a natural freshness.

More information about the Do-Re-Mi line

The Jet line of hair sprays has been designed to help you realise your boldest style ideas. They have a modern design and a light, classic smell.

The sprays are based on the latest developments in the field of next-generation copolymers. All products in the line contain vitamins.

Try Jet. You'll like it

The Gold Wind 2 in 1 line contains fragrances for the home based on perfume blends created using good-mood fragrances and the atmospherics of living space.

Available in light mint, coffee cheer, ocean freshness and lush lemon. Or maybe you'll go for a more exotic mix?

Choose the right mood for your home

The revolutionary Reftamid line was created to effectively control blood-sucking insects and protect you from them.

The aerosols are easy and safe to use. They smell good, leave no traces, and reliably protect against mosquitoes, ticks and gnats. Reftamid Baby has gentle, protective properties, and reliably protects children from insects.

Choose a new level of protection against insects

The ultra-powerful Varan line of insecticides was created to deal with unwanted "houseguests".

No one invites cockroaches, bedbugs, ants or moths into their home, but they turn up themselves and quickly take over your space. But Varan leaves them no chance at all. It safely destroys insects and has a residual action that continues to protect the area.

Find out how to save the world and your fur coat

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