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How to find us

«Sibiar» brand store

Tel.: +7 (383) 300 21 83
Work time: everyday from 09:00 to 17:00


If you would like to become our partner or have any questions about our cooperation conditions, contact us by phone or write to us.

Additional Operations

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Additional Operations

Sibiar produces and sells finished products, components and individual parts that are used in aerosol manufacturing and other industries.

Sibiar's additional operations include the following goods and services:


Sibiar is able to offer potential partners production of aerosol products both under its own brand and under the client's brand name, as well as manufacturing and sale of components, raw materials and parts used to produce aerosol products.

High Quality Standards

Our manufacturing facilities are fitted with modern European equipment, which allows Sibiar to produce high-quality products that are in no way inferior to the best foreign counterparts while remaining affordable for customers in the mid-range market segment


All Sibiar products go through strict quality control, are made in accordance with safety requirements and do not disturb the ecological balance of the environment.