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    September 21, 2018

    MONTA. For construction and repair.
    SIBIAR JSC has issued new products in the category for repair and construction under the "MONTA" brand - foam sealant.

    "MONTA" foam sealant is represented by two SKUs:
    • Household "MONTA" is developed for mounting window and door units, thermal and sound isolation of premises, draft-proofing of joints and junctions, filling of holes, cavity pockets and slits.
    • Professional "MONTA" is used for professional construction and household repairs such as mounting window and door units, thermal and sound isolation of premises, draft-proofing of joints and junctions, filling of holes, cavity pockets and slits.
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    July 1, 2018

    New category in cosmetics!
    A new product category was added to the "Romantica" series which contains now not only styling products, but also some care products.

    Recipes for "Romantica" shampoos were developed by specialists of SIBIAR JSC. Shampoos meet all requirements of the market and were developed in recipes of immediate interest: “Keratin care” and “Nourishment and volume”.
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    June 7, 2018

    Innovative protection from insects!
    A “new generation” repellent, "REFTAMID EXPERT" can be used even on sensitive skin and fabrics.

    The base of the new substance composition which is revolutionary for the Russian market, Picaridin (Saltidin) and natural repellent, andiroba oil. The spray contains pleasant fragrance with an additional protective effect. "Reftamid EXPERT" will keep you protected from insect (mosquito, black gnat) bites for 6 hours.

    Currently, some tests are conducted to check efficiency of protection from ticks and midges.
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    February 26, 2018

    Meeting of shareholders
    SIBIAR OJSC (SIBIAR Open Joint Stock Company) 78 Stantsionnaya St., Novosibirsk. 

    Dear Shareholders!  
    We hereby inform you that an ordinary meeting of shareholders (the form to hold the meeting is "meeting" (joint attendance)) shall take place on 19 March 2018 at 11:00 a.m. The meeting will be held at: 78 Stantsionnaya St., Novosibirsk, SIBIAR OJSC. 

    1. Approval of the annual report, the annual accounting statements of SIBIAR OJSC and approval of expenditures from the undistributed profit of previous years for 2017. 
    2. Approval of distribution of profit and loss of SIBIAR OJSC, including the payments (declaration) of dividends for 2017.  
    3. Election of members of the Board of Directors of SIBIAR OJSC. 
    4. Election of members of the Revision Commission of SIBIAR OJSC. 
    5. Approval of the auditor for SIBIAR OJSC. 

    Registration will start on 19 March 2018 at 10:00 a.m. 

    Place of registration: 78 Stantsionnaya St., Novosibirsk, SIBIAR OJSC. The list of shareholders entitled to take part in the general meeting of shareholders will be made on 22 February 2018. Telephone in case of query: 300-22-19, extension 12-28. You can acquaint with the materials for the meeting in SIBIAR OJSC at: 78 Stantsionnaya St., Novosibirsk. Board of Directors of SIBIAR OJSC
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    February 12, 2018

    Comfort for the whole day!
    JSC SIBIAR has started selling new products for the men’s "X style" - cosmetics series - antiperspirant deodorants.
    "X style" antiperspirant deodorants do not contain any spirit which ensures gentle care, reliable protection from sweat without any irritation of even sensitive skin. Due to a special recipe and antiperspirant aroma compositions, "X style" allows maintaining comfort and freshness for 48 hours.

    "X style" antiperspirants are represented by three SKUs:
    • "X style" Active is bright aroma, a combination of fresh aquatic motives with woody and spicy accents.
    • "X style" Protection is a slightly sharp aroma – freshness of lime in a combination with light aroma of lavender and woody and spicy notes.
    • "X style" Antistress is a refreshing aroma with bergamot, lavender, lime notes with patchouli notes.