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    April 29, 2013

    JSC SIBIAR has launched two new care products for Futon line:
    • Peppermint shoe spray. It inhibits bacteria growth and saturates your shoes with a light peppermint aroma. Refreshment all through the day! For all types of shoes;
    • Antibacterial shoe spray. It eliminates bad smell and is an efficient solution for shoe hygiene due to its antibacterial properties. Refreshment all through the day! For all types of shoes.
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    February 27, 2013

    New Shoe Spray
    Sibiar has started to print on the tin that will be used to make containers for pilot batches of two new Futon shoe care products:
    • Shoe spray with the fragrance of mint – eliminates unpleasant odours and prevents the growth of bacteria;
    • Shoe spray with antimicrobial protection – deodorises and neutralises unpleasant smells with its robust anti-microbial protection.