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My sweet home is a line of domestic products for good housewives who know what they are doing around the house. Cleanliness, freshness and comfort no longer require extra effort. After all, Sibiar cleaning products are easy to use, effective and always perform well. Keep free time for your loved ones, creative work or relaxation. Your sweet home was made just for that.

  • product
    Electric and gas cooker cleaner

    Product gently cleans electric and gas ranges, enamelware and heat-resistant glass. The foam formula removes any stains and destroys disease-producing germs in seconds.

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    Ceramic surface and microwave oven cleaner

    Designed for the daily cleaning, removal of grease and polishing of microwave ovens with any surface, as well as electric cookers, braziers, enamelware and heat-resistant glass. Easily dissolves ingrained grease and burnt-on stains. Even removes dirt from vertical surfaces. Does not scratch.

  • product
    Cabinet and laminate flooring cleaner

    An effective way to care for furniture and laminate flooring, as well as video and audio equipment. Gently cleans and polishes wood and plastic surfaces. The product has the pleasant aroma of fresh citrus.

  • product
    Easy-Iron Spray

    Makes your iron glide smoothly and easily, removes creases and marks from fabrics, makes it easier to straighten dried out and heavily creased cottons and linens.

  • product
    Refrigerator cleaner

    The micro-active foam effectively cleans plastic and painted metal surfaces, gets into hard to reach places, destroys disease-causing microbes and eliminates unpleasant odours. Easily wipes off without leaving residue.

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    Upholstery and carpet cleaner

    Refreshes and cleans upholstery, leather, imitation leather, carpets and any other items made from dense textile materials. The active foam removes all sorts of stains and neutralises unpleasant odours.

  • product
    Glass and window frame cleaner

    Effectively cleans and polishes windows and mirrors, leaving the surface sparkling and streak-free. Also suitable for cleaning crystal, porcelain, plastic and painted surfaces.